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Format of the Weekend


We will endeavour to time as many events as possible either electronically or manually.  We hope to properly chip the following:

  • 1 Day Full & Half Warrior
  • 3 Day Full & Half Warrior
  • 1 Day Full & Half Marathon
  • 2 Day Full & Half Marathon Back to Back
  • 3 Day Full & Half Marathon Trilogy

All other events we will do our best to time but many people are mix & matching events e.g. 180k Bike + 10k Run etc.

This is not a competitive event and therefore there are no prizes.  We hope you will co-operate as well as possible with our timing efforts but strongly encourage the use of your own Garmin or similar device for accurate times.

We will have 2 timing systems and 4 clocks at your disposal.

Number Collection and Online & Late Registration

Participants can collect their race numbers 1 hr prior to the race start time.

Online registration is now open and will close at 18:00 (06:00 p.m.) on Thursday, 29th July 2021.  Late registration will take place at Lilliput Adventure Centre 1 hr prior to your event.

Please Note
All participants will be required to complete a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Self Declaration Form.


Parking is right beside the transition area and lakeside in Lilliput Adventure Centre. There will be marshals there making parking as easy a process as possible for everybody. Please co-operate with them. Click here for directions to Lilliput Adventure Centre.


For more FAQ’s click here.