Swim Water Quality Update

We’re delighted to inform all of our competitors that the current status of our water quality based on samples taken in the last 48 hrs is as follows:

E. coli

Race Start 24 cfu/100ml
Turn 1 10 cfu/100ml
Turn 2 1 cfu/100ml
Old Exit/Entry 260 cfu/100ml


Safe Limits for E. coli

Under 250 cfu/100ml Excellent
250-500 cfu/100ml Good
Over 500 cfu/100ml Poor


Intestinal Enterococci

Race Start 12 cfu/100ml
Turn 1 26 cfu/100ml
Turn 2 4 cfu/100ml


Safe Limits for Intestinal Enterococci

Under 100 cfu/100ml Excellent
100-200 cfu/100ml Good
Over 200 cfu/100ml Poor


All swims are going ahead as scheduled. A new exit/entry with readings @ 70 cfu/100ml is now in operation. It will necessitate an extra 100 m run to transition area.

With all of the current changes now in place, if anyone who feels they would prefer not to swim can absolutely do so and a full/partial refund will be credited.

Results correct as of 03/08/2018