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To celebrate Jonathan Swift’s 350th birthday we are giving you 10% off your entry to this years Celtic Warrior.  Your 10% discount is only valid until Friday, 22nd December 2017.

Discount Code: JSWIFT17

Jonathan Swift wrote the book Gulliver’s Travels, in the book Lemuel Gulliver gives a brief outline of his life and history before his expeditions.  During his first expedition, Gulliver is washed aground after a shipwreck and finds himself a prisoner of a race of tiny people (Lilliputians), who are residents of Lilliput.  After giving a guarantee of his good behaviour, he receives his residency in Lilliput and becomes a favourite of the Lilliput Royal Court.  The King of Lilliput also gives Gulliver permission to go around the city on the one condition that he must not harm their subjects.


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